Business Philosophy

Eric's success did not come overnight. It took patience and determination to get where he is today. Being a success is about giving 100 percent of your effort into your work. Eric Pemper's dedication and diligence reflect the amount of goals he has achieved.

Eric Pemper has a fighting attitude. He will never give up on a project or task, no matter how hard it can get. He knows there is no excuse and will work his butt off to complete the task. Eric Pemper does not let anyone bring him down. He ignores all the naysayers and the people who do not believe in him

The people that you allow in your life and the ones associate with you will have an effect on your success. Eric Pemper likes to be around people that have the same mentality and drive for success as he does. Eric does not want to have people who do not have things figured out a part of his business because they are nothing but distractions. This is why Eric Pemper works with an "All Star" team in his business, and they have helped shape his success.

Eric Pemper does not tolerate laziness in his business. Eric is very detail oriented in his work because he wants his clients to greatly benefit from the  products and services he provides. Laziness is another distraction for his business, therefore he carefully reviews the work of his employees.

In the years of his entrepreneurial career, Eric Pemper has learned to take risks. Not only to take risks but to become fearful of taking risks. Many entrepreneurs begin to panic and lose focus when the time comes to either taking the risk or not. Eric Pemper has had to be patient and make tough decisions.

When it really comes down to being a successful entrepreneur, Eric Pemper is doing what he loves. He enjoys that people have benefited from the help he provides for them. His products and services are tools for his clients to better their lives, all a while he is also increasing the professional and personal growth of his coworkers. Eric Pemper's passion will continue him to achieve many great things and become a huge success.


Giving back to the community is a topic that Eric Pemper feels strongly about. There are a great number of ways to give back to the community. Donating to charity is an act of charity that almost every company does, but you can also volunteer, participate in food drives, promote local businesses and more. Eric Pemper has noticed that his businesses have been able to succeed more than his competitors because of their help in the community.

Sponsoring events and sports teams are two ways big and small businesses can give back to their community. High school teams and other youth teams allow businesses to sponsor them. This way you are helping with their fund needs and your business will get publicity. The same goes as sponsoring an event. For example, you could sponsor a marathon that your town holds every year. Chances are some of your employees will be participating so in the end you are supporting the town and your employees.

When the holidays come around, look for can food drives organizations or toy drives to donate to those less fortunate during the holiday season. This is a fantastic way of giving back to your community.

Help other businesses out in the area. Try to buy local as often as possible and designate an area of your website for the business you like most. Cross networking with companies that are not in your industry, but with the similar market helps you reach more people.

One of the ways of helping the community that Eric Pemper enjoys the most is sharing his advice about running a business. With more than 14 years of experience managing a successful company, Eric has a lot of knowledge to share. He participates in organizations and gives talks where he shares expertise as being an entrepreneur.

Helping others goes a long way. Volunteering or donating to charity gives your business a unique advantage in your industry. Companies like the one's Eric Pemper has built and started are seen as businesses that offers assistance to those can benefit from it.

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